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  • MateAI


    Streamline your email campaigns with our innovative tool – generate copy and design faster, engage your audience, and drive results.

  • CodeSquire


    Revolutionize your coding process with real-time suggestions and completions for efficient, error-free code.

  • Magician (Figma)

    Magician (Figma)

    Magician: The AI-powered design tool for Figma that unlocks limitless creativity.

  • Tavus


    Introducing Tavus – the AI-powered personalized video tool that revolutionizes audience engagement.

  • HireYaY


    Looking for a solution to streamline your hiring process and ensure that you never miss out on a qualified candidate again? Look no further than this innovative product, which utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to help you create engaging job ads that will attract top talent. With the ability to distribute your ads to millions of […]

  • – AI-powered ad creative generator for businesses to boost conversions, gain insights, and streamline collaboration.

  • BotDistrikt


    Transform your customer service and streamline your operations with BotDistrikt – the ultimate chatbot solution for businesses.


    Number cruncher for quick calculations.

  • Eleven Labs

    Eleven Labs

    Revolutionize your daily routine with the Future of Voice – the cutting-edge technology that lets you control your devices with your voice. Access information, make calls, and perform tasks with ease and convenience.