Category: customer support tools

  • BotDistrikt


    is a chatbot builder platform designed for startups and enterprises, enabling the creation of chatbots without coding. Key features and advantages include:

  • Yuma


    Yuma Ticket Assistant is an AI that integrates with your Help Desk software to automate response drafting for customer tickets. Improve efficiency and support quality, increase customer satisfaction, and boost revenue. Currently empowering Shopify merchants using Gorgias.

  • TheLoops


    You can’t fix what you can’t see….unless you have TheLoops. TheLoops is a CX operations platform that uses AI to empower Support and Success leaders with real-time customer, agent and product insights, providing an instant view of revenue status & explicit customer behavior–no data team required.

  • Second Nature AI

    Second Nature AI

    Using AI-driven role play, sales professionals can practice and improve their performance and confidence by gaining real time, personalized feedback.

  • Tiledesk


    Combine Free Live Chat with Open-Source Chatbots to boost ROI. Integrate Chatbots with WhatsApp or other channels to have one inbox for all communications.

  • echowin


    is an AI-powered call management system designed to streamline customer interactions and business tasks. Key features and advantages include:

  • Ebi.Ai


    is an AI assistant platform designed to provide businesses with intelligent customer service and support solutions. Key features and advantages include:

  • Brainfish


    is an AI-driven knowledgebase platform designed to enhance customer support and improve customer experience. Key features and advantages include:


    Collab provides next generation Cloud Contact Center powered by AI to over 600+ customers in 70+ countries. Collab delivers Digital Transformation to businesses for +15 years, alongside a solid network of partners

  • Chatfuel AI

    Chatfuel AI

    is a chatbot builder that revolutionizes customer communication using AI technology. Key features and advantages include: