Category: education assistant tools

  • Wisdolia


    A Chrome Extension that uses AI to generate flashcards (with questions and answers) for any article / PDF so that you can better ingrain what you read. Flashcards can be saved to Anki, which has a built in spaced repetition system. Upgrade your learning and studying habits and become a super learner ⚡️

  • Soofy


    Soofy is an AI language-learning app that offers an innovative approach to mastering a new language. With a focus on practice and real-life scenarios, Soofy provides users with features to improve pronunciation, writing, and conversation skills. From writing essays and describing images to making debates and role-playing scenarios with an AI, Soofy offers a wide…

  • CheckForAI


    is an AI detection tool designed to maintain confidence in written work. Key features and advantages include:

  • TutorAI


    Tutor AI is an AI-powered learning platform. You can enter any topic and it will provide you with various options you can use to learn about that topic.

  • Geleza


    is an AI-driven learning platform designed for high school and college students, offering various tools to simplify learning and exam preparation. Key features and advantages include:

  • AskNotion


    is a chatbot tool that allows users to create ChatGPT-like chatbots trained on their Notion pages without coding. Key features and advantages include:

  • Connected Papers

    Connected Papers

    Getting a visual overview of a field of research. You will be able to see at a glance which papers are most popular in the field, as well as the various dynamics between areas of study. Making sure you haven’t missed a key paper. This is especially useful in fields that constantly produce a large…

  • Coin Identifier Coin Snap

    Coin Identifier Coin Snap

    Coin Identifier Coin Snap is a powerful mobile application that utilizes AI-driven image recognition technology to accurately identify any coin within seconds.

  • LangoTalk


    is an AI-based language learning platform designed to accelerate language acquisition. Key features and advantages include:

  • Consensus


    is an AI-powered search engine designed to quickly find answers from scientific research. Key features and advantages include: