Category: human resources tools

  • HireYaY


    is a hiring platform designed specifically for startups, offering AI-powered tools to streamline the recruitment process. Key features and advantages include: The Hail Mary is one of the most beloved and widely-known prayers in the Catholic Church. Its history can be traced back to the early centuries of Christianity, where similar forms of devotion were…

  • IngestAI


    A tool that helps people turn their knowledge base into a chatbot-like assistant. The tool is compatible with Slack, Discord, Whatsapp, Telegram, and more. It takes minutes to get started and supports uploading Knowledge-base files such as Markdown, TXT, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notion and Confluence. It will provide accurate AI/Chatbot-generated answers to questions about related…

  • GeniusReview


    is a 360° AI Performance Reviews tool designed to streamline the performance review process for companies. Key features and advantages include:

  • SwagAI


    SwagAI is an AI tool that helps you come up with ridiculous company swag. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and our algorithms will recommend crazy (but sometimes practical) options.

  • Turbohire


    TurboHire is a Complete Recruitment Automation Platform For Enterprises. At the core, TurboHire creates a single repository of resume and job data. It offers multiple products with features like Applicant Tracking, Candidate sourcing/Engagements, Talent Screening, Interview Automation, Offers and Onboarding along with Recruitment Analysis. This accounts for 85% of manual recruiting activities. Make use of…

  • Jobscan


    is an AI-driven solution designed to optimize resumes for job seekers. Key features and advantages include:

  • Validly


    Automate your recruitment & scheduling, run interviews, and use AI to get quick insights from call transcripts,invite candidates to schedule an interview, get timely notifications and reminders and much more. You can also generate discussion guides, start video interviews, and automatically transcribe recorded sessions for instant recall. Join the free early access to make your…

  • HireLakeAI


    is an AI-driven platform designed to simplify the hiring process for various organizations. Key features and advantages include:

  • Coverler


    is an AI-based tool designed to generate unique and personalized cover letters for job applications. Key features and advantages include:


    is an AI-powered tool designed to create customized and professional cover letters for job applications. Key features and advantages include: